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This document describes the process of preparing MicroStation plan drawings for transfer to the Construction Bureau to ultimately be passed on to the Contractor. In general, the process is to copy the necessary file to a temporary location, update reference attachments and document the files to be transferred. 

Preparing the Data

Once the project has gone to construction, unnecessary files should be deleted from the project directories. This way only valid data is backed up. Make sure to check with your CAD/D coach and other team members before removing files that may be important to someone else.

For Bridge projects, create a folder for the project under N:\cadd\Misc Accounts\BRD (example N:\cadd\Misc Accounts\BRD\12345).

For Highway projects, create a folder for the project under N:\cadd\Misc Accounts\HWY (example N:\cadd\Misc Accounts\HWY\12345)

Copy the folder 'Cadd" and all of its contents from N:\cadd\pbt\town\proj#\ to the to the new folder. Make sure the files are copied not moved.

Edit the project PCF file as follows: (This will point ref file paths to the new location):

  • Insert a '#' in front of the project directory variable 
#PROJDIR = $(NH_PROJECT)TownName/12345/Cadd/
  • Add a new line below it 

For Highway projects:
PROJDIR = $(NH_HWY)/12345/Cadd/ 

For Bridge projects:
PROJDIR = $(NH_BRD)/12345/Cadd/

The following steps are to be performed on the copies of the project files that were just created.

Delete all study folders, MX folders, empty folders, quantity drawings, Excel quantity files, etc. not needed to reproduce the contract plans.

Delete all files except those design files and Excel files needed to reproduce the contract plans. Include a PDF of the hearing plan if available.

For each design file: 

  • Open reference file dialog box. Detach any reference files in red.
  • If any remaining reference file names include full path info, open attachment settings and remove full path info from file name.

Delete any information that is not part of the contract. (temp. sections, sketches, superceded designs, pictures, raster files, etc)

Create a list of remaining files providing descriptions for any non-standard files. Include project specific notes. Put the file in the project folder.

Edit the copy of the Journal File to remove information about design alternatives, MX details and other details not needed in construction..

Notify Dennis Herrick in Engineering Audit (Bureau of Construction ).


You can immediately edit the project PCF file to restore original project directory variable by removing the "#" in front of the PROJDIR definition and removing the additional PROJDIR line that was added.  This file is not needed by construction.

Upon notification by Dennis Herrick in Engineering Audit (Bureau of Construction ) delete the Project information in the Misc Accounts area.


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