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This documentation describes the available drawings with data covering the entire state. Some of these drawings were extracted from GIS information while others have been compiled from CAD/D sources. Available drawings include roads, waterways, railroads, an index to aerial photographs, and soil information. In the future, alignment information from former projects will also be available. These drawings are stored in the N:\cadd\cadd\gis_to_microstationv8 directory.

GIS-Based Drawings

Originally created for making front sheet location maps, these drawings have been used for many other purposes. There are a number of drawings all referenced to an all.dgn. Specific information about creating location maps can be found in the documentation on Front Sheets.

The drawings that make up this set include:

  • State boundary (bound_state.dgn)
  • County boundaries (bound_county.dgn)
  • Town Boundaries (bound_town.dgn)
  • State & National forest lands (forests.dgn)
  • Roads (roads.dgn)
  • Active Railroads (rail_active.dgn)
  • Inactive Railroads (rail_inactive.dgn)
  • Rivers & Lakes (riverslakes.dgn)
  • Streams (streams.dgn)
  • Town names (text_towns.dgn)
  • Road names (text_streets.dgn)
  • Lake & River names (text_water.dgn)

Photo Index

The photo index (photolist.dgn) shows the coverage of high resolution aerial photography. At this time, coverage is limited to the south-central and south-eastern parts of the state. See High Resolution Aerial Photographs for more details.

Soil Maps

Soil data has been extracted from the GIS system and converted into MicroStation drawings. There is a separate drawing for each county and a drawing with all the individual county drawings attached as reference files. For more information, see the Soil Map page.

Legacy Alignments

The effort to compile and provide legacy alignment data  is just getting underway. This information will be used by the Bureau of Right-of-Way to more quickly locate right-of-way lines on future projects. See the documentation for Creating Legacy Alignments for more information about this process.



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