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The drawings containing soil type information were created from data in the GIS system.  The data has not been compared to existing soil maps. Although there is no reason to doubt the accuracy of the information, it is recommended that the data be checked against actual maps just to be sure. Please notify us if you find discrepancies.

Soil Data

The soil data is stored on separate drawings for each county. Each county can be viewed individually or you can see the entire state by viewing a drawing containing reference attachments to all the county drawings. Each drawing has the different soil types (A, B, C, D, AD, and CD) on different levels so they are easier to identify. The colors chosen for the soil types are based on the NH Code of Administrative Rules section Env-Wq 1504.08(g)(2) Stormwater Drainage Report, Drainage Area Plans, and Hydrologic Soil Group Plans. THe soil.csv level library has been attached to each drawing to define the colors and linestyles to be used.

All drawings are stored in the N:\cadd\cadd\GIS_To_MicrostationV8\ directory and can be attached as reference files to add this information to your project.

The statewide drawing is soil_statewide.dgn. When attaching this drawing, set the "Live Nesting" to 1

County drawings:

  • soil_belknap_merrimack.dgn
  • soil_carroll.dgn
  • soil_cheshire.dgn
  • soil_coos.dgn
  • soil_grafton.dgn
  • soil_hillsborough.dgn
  • soil_rockingham.dgn
  • soil_strafford.dgn
  • soil_sullivan.dgn





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