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MicroStation Plotting Scales

General Information

Note the Scale value in the Print Scale and Position section at the bottom of MicroStation's plot dialog. If this area is not visible, click the inverted triangle at the bottom right edge of the plot dialog panel. MicroStation defaults to covering as much of the paper as possible with the selected view or fence area.

plot dialog

Change the second Scale box to a desired scale factor, use the factors shown in the tables below

Increasing the Scale factor will reduce the plotted size of the elements. Decreasing the Scale factor to a number lower than the default value will cause part of the view to run off the edge of the paper. Be aware that data outside the limits of the paper will not be plotted. If you need all the data plotted, then either plot to a larger scale (with a different scale factor), redefine your fence to a narrower region, or select a larger paper size.



Design Scale

"Scale to" Factor


20 scale, 1:240

20 ft/in


50 scale, 1:600

50 ft/in



6.35 m/in



12.7 m/in



15.24 m/in



25.4 m/in


other scales

(ex. 1000/39.3725.4)

Cross Sections


Design Scale

"Scale to" Factor


5 scale, 1:60

5 ft/in


10 scale, 1:120

10 ft/in



1.27 m/in



2.54 m/in


other scales

(ex. 1000/39.3725.4)

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