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This section of the documentation is created from user questions and problems.  It should be consulted before calling with a problem.

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No graphics appear after attempting an MX transfer to MicroStation.  
I received error messages about cells not being found.
My linestyles or macros in MicroStation are too big/small.  
Items are not landing on the correct levels in MicroStation

No graphics appear after attempting an MX transfer to MicroStation.

If the MX transfer to MicroStation is unsucessful, check the project directory for a file with the project name followed by a .MSS extension.  If this file does not exist, see a member of the CAD/D support staff before continuing this procedure. If it does exist, open the file with PFE or Notepad to make sure it is correct.  It should look something like this:

Metric Imperial

Any references to mx_seed_m.dgn or mx_seed_ft.dgn need to be corrected.

There is also a suspicion that the length of the drawing file's address and/or file name can influence a successful transfer.  When all else fails, try shortening the Drawing Picture File name or try to transfer at a higher folder level.

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I received error messages about cells not being found.

This is usually caused when MX is looking for the wrong cell file to select the MicroStation cells. In MicroStation, select Cells from the Element menu. The correct cell file should be N:\cadd\cadd\v8workspace\standards\cell\exist-in.cel.

If this is not correct, it needs to be modified.  See the notes above for selecting the seed and cell files.

My linestyles or symbols in MicroStation are too big/small

This may have been caused by the styles being scaled when they were transferred to MicroStation.  This is a setting in MX that needs to be changed.

mfm configuration

While MX in MicroStation is running, select View from the MX menu. Then select Configuration, then the MX to MicroStation Configuration tab. Next, select the Macro Line Styles or Macro Symbols... button.  Look for the check-box labeled Ignore MX Macro Scaling. Make sure this box is checked. Also, check to make sure the cell file setting is correct (see question above). Delete the DGN that was created by MX and re-create the drawing.

Items are not landing on the correct levels in MicroStation

This usually means that the MX model defaults for the model being drawn need to be adjusted.  If the style and feature sets listed in the model defaults do not match the data in the dpw/dpf, then the elements will not be placed on the correct MicroStation level.

While in MX, select Model Defaults... from the Tools menu.

Select the model being drawn.  The style set should be set to the one used to create the drawing.  The feature set name should match the style set's name.  See Style Sets to verify the appropriate style and feature sets.  Click the Edit... button to modify the sets.

From the Edit Model Style and Feature Set panel, check the box labeled Lock Style and Feature Set if it isn't already checked.  Then select the 3 dot button button next to the style set name to choose a different style set.  The feature set should update automatically when the style set is revised.  Click OK to save this information.

Redraw the model in MX and transfer again.  If this does not resolve the problem, contact the CAD/D support staff.  It is also possible that there is a discrepancy between level information in the style and feature sets.

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