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MX in MicroStation Key-ins

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Productivity Key-ins.

This paper will present to you some of the key-ins we have found useful during the development of MX in MicroStation.
Thursday 25th of October 2001

Richard Humphrey - MicroStation Projects Manager - Infrasoft Corporation(r)

MX Key-ins

regenerate_drawing - use this to refresh all the MX strings displayed within the active DGN. If a simple MicroStation refresh does not display MX strings correctly, use 'regenerate_drawing' to force a redraw.
mx - use this key-in to send linemode commands to MX, for example,
    mx report
    mx 990
del_vert_profile - deletes selected vertical profile placed by the MXDRAW Manager.
del_annotations - deletes all geometric annotation applied via the MXDRAW Manager, from the selected alignment/s
new_project_mfm - creates a new project.
close_project_mfm - closes the active project.
open_project_mfm - opens an existing project.
simp_geom - creates simplified geometry from the selection, placing the 2d elements on level 62.
simpgeom_dlg - displays the settings dialog controling how simplified geometry is derived.
export_options_mfm - displays the export preferences.
convert_linestyles - runs a utility that allows you to create MX macro linestyles from your MicroStation custum linestyles.

MicroStation Key-ins

df= - Displays the available fonts in a nice user interface
sv= - Saves the view, quicker than the UI
dv= - Deletes a named saved view
dx= - specifies a point relative to the last one
ff=c:\temp\test.dgn - Saves the fence selection to a file
ft= - Sets active font as long as you know the font number
go= - Sets the global origin
th= - sets the text height
tw= - sets the text width
on= - sets the active levels off, eg turn turn all levels off, of=1-63
wt= - sets the active line weight
rf= - attaches the specified reference file

To construct a line relative to another string, try using the construct keyin:
construct line aa (construct the line at an active angle relative to the string)
construct perpendicular to is also very good
construct tangent to works well for arcs

To adjust the repainting order of graphics, drawing a selected element top most, add them using wset add followed by wset drop.

To turn a view off, for example to turn off view 8, use, view off 8
To turn it back on view on 8

To center a zoom window or to window the center to a known XY,
window center= 1234.456,2342.476

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