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  • After the hearing has been held any changes that were made to the hearing plan at the last minute by hand should be made electronically and a plot made to check against the actual hearing plan. Once an acceptable plot is obtained the file should be plotted to Postscript and converted to PDF using Adobe Acrobat Distiller (or a watched folder if one is available).
  • The Hearing plan and its associated reference and resource files should then be archived. This is done while in MicroStation using the ARCHIVE feature from the UTILITIES pull-down. Click on the ADD FILE button and add the 12345HER.DGN to the list. Answer YES to see the Classes Dialog and check the boxes for DGN, REFERENCE FILES, and RESOURCE FILES. This will now copy the 12345HER into the archive file (which should be named 12345HER) along with all of the reference files AND the resource files that it was using at the time.
  • The last step is to rename the 12345HER to 12345CLR as it will continue to be worked on by Final Design to produce various meeting plans.
  • To view the hearing plan use the PDF. If MicroStation is required, reverse the process and unpack the archive into an empty folder (or you could accidentally overwrite existing files that have been changed) and open up the 12345HER.DGN to view it as it was at the time of the hearing. When you are done just delete the folder and all of it's contents.

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