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QA_Input is a menu driven application that sets MicroStation drawing parameters using the Department's drafting standards.  These drawing parameters are stored in GDM rule files.  The GDM rule files are also used with GDM's Quikchek program.
Rule File Names

The rule files are named using the format NH(scale)ABC.rul.  The "scale" portion of the name will be either 50 or 20 for Imperial projects and 500 or 250 for Metric projects.  The three characters following the scale value represent the code for the standard drawing type.  For example, the rule file NH50ALI.rul would be used for the ALI drawing on a 50 scale Imperial project.  The only exception to this naming convention is that the cross section rule file scales are 10 or 5 for Imperial projects and 100m or 50m for Metric projects.


A macro attempts to load QA_Input with the appropriate rule file each time a MicroStation drawing is opened.  If QA_Input does not automatically load, use the F11 function key to start the program or keyin mdl load qa_input.

If you are prompted to select a rule file, and none are shown in the dialog box, then it will be necessary to navigate to the location where the rule files are stored.  These locations are N:\cadd\cadd\v8workspace\standards\gdm\ for v8 logo users and N:\cadd\cadd\workspace\standards\gdm\ for MicroStation/J users.

Other Users

Use the "mdl load" key-in to start the QA_Input program.  Adding a rule file name to the key-in will open that rule file.  For example, the key-in mdl load qa_input nh50ali.rul will start the QA_Input program and open the rule file for 50 scale Imperial alignment drawings.  If no rule file is specified, then a dialog box will appear.

General Observations

QA_Input will terminate if it finds either Batch Print or MX for MicroStation running.  If there are other conflicts with Bentley programs, please contact the CAD/D section so it can be added to this list.

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