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Batch Plot

  1. From MicroStation, enter "BatchPlot":
  2. File => Batch Print/Plot

  3. From "BatchPlot", Specify the drawing file by selecting the "Add Design Files" button, or:
  4. Edit => Add Files

  5. Select files to plot, Hit the "Add" button. Entries should appear in the "Selected Files" area.
  6. Hit "Done" to return to BatchPlot.
  7. Specify the printer by selecting the "Select Specifications" button , or: 

          Specifications => Select.

  1. Select the desired printer specification and sheet size.
  2. In the Specifications Controlling Plotting area changes can be made by highlighting the choice and clicking on Specification Properties or right click and select properties.
  3. "Plot Area" default is set to "Borders" which will search for a shape, color 84, line weight 0, in view 1 to be used as the plotting limits.
  4. If needed you can change the "Reference View",  "Print Boundary" method, level, color, style and weight to use a different boundary element.  Check "Master File" in the "Search Files" area.  An element in a reference file can be used also.  Check Process Multiple Boundary elements and OK to return to BatchPlot.
  5. In the "Specifications Controlling Printing" area,  click "Layout" then .
  6. Set Units to "m" for metric projects, "ft" or "in" for imperial projects.
  7. In the "Plot Size/Scale" area, Select the "% of Maximum Size" 100% or "Scale" method and supply the desired scale (Metric; 250, 500: Imperial; 20, 50). See MicroStation Plotting Scales for more scale options.
  8. In the "Specifications Controlling Plotting" area, right click "Display" then properties.
  9. In the "Options" area, set "Constructions" to "Off".
  10. OK to return to BatchPlot.
  11. In BatchPlot highlight the models you want to print and select "Print" then OK. 

MicroStation will now open each selected dgn in turn, expand the boundary to the sheet size selected, and send a plot.

Batch jobs can be saved and opened later.  

A batch job file containing all the project cut sheets can be a great time saver because it doesn't have to be recreated each time, simply open the saved job file, highlight which sheets you want to plot and hit print.  As new cut sheets are added to the project simply open the saved job file and add the new sheets and resave with the same name.

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