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MicroStation Documentation

Although most documentation has been rewritten for MicroStation v8, some of the information did not need to be updated and still refers to the MicroStation/J (v7) version. 
Those pages have a (v7) notation at the end of the title.
MicroStation Index


  Customized MicroStation files (cell files, seed files, etc.)
  Drawing Level/Layer Standards (LevelMap)
  Drawing Naming Conventions
Existing Detail Drawings
  Function Key Definitions V8i
  Macros, MDLs & VBA Programs
  Searchable level standards



  2D-3D Guide
  Drafting Spiral Curves From Old Plan Data
  Importing Boring Data  
  Level Symbology
  Sign Footing Macro
Public Meetings:  
  Developing Color Location Maps
  PDF File Creation
  Securing A Hearing Plan After A Public Hearing (v7)
  Tips for Creating Color Plans
  Creating Legacy Alignments
  Front Sheets & Location Maps
  Generating Cut Sheets Part I | Part II   
  Linking Excel to MicroStation
  MicroStation Alignments
Shape File Attachments
  Straight Line Projects
  Summary of CAD/D Cross-section Procedures  
Summary of Right-of-Way Procedures 
Data Transfers:
  From MX:  Alignments
  To MX:      Right-of-Way Lines
                    Wetland Lines
                    MicroStation Alignments to MX  


MicroStation Element Types
  MicroStation v8 FAQ
  Project Explorer
  Print Organizer
  Batch Printing Utility is being replaced by Print Organizer
  Ask Inga - MicroStation tips
  v8i Tips & Tricks

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