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Standards:      Note: Documents that have been revised for MX SS3 are highlighted in yellow. Other links still refer to the SS2 documentation.

Design Software Growth:

Welcome to MX SS3  

Strings & Models:

Existing detail (topical)
Existing detail (alphabetical)
Proposed design strings
Checking MX String Labels
Cross Section Set Labels
PBRK Strings
String Masking
Model Names
Feature Definitions
Changing MX Strings to Features Re-Crafted 05-2014
  Displaying MX Point Strings New 06-2014
MX Offset Reports  
MX Triangulation


Input File Names
MX File Extensions
NHDOT Style Sets & Feature Sets
MX Input and Journal Files


MX Macro Index
MX Wizard Index
MX Add-In Index 
Note that many add-ins are being converted to VBA programs
MX VBA Index

OpenRoads Design:

Creating Terrain Models
Civil Geometry Alignments
  Transferring a Civil Geometry Alignment
Corridor Creation
  Designing a Side Road

Create Side Road Horizontal and Vertical Geometry


Civil Cells - Place and Modify Intersection Cell


Copy Template Drop - Delete Main Line Shoulders and Slopes


Create Side Road Corridor

  Corridor Design Stages
  Corridor Design - Constraints
  Creating Final Meshes - Design and Subgrade

MX Design:

MX Design Summary
MX Final Design Summary
Creating a New MX Project
Creating Legacy Alignments
Construction PSM
Attaching Existing Elevations to Master Strings
Generating Old Ground Strings
Creating MX Profiles
Adding Profiles
Shoulder Design: Curbed | Uncurbed | Journal Files
Curbs and Sidewalks
Earthworks Level Datum String
Cross Slope Checker
Summary of CAD/D Cross-section Procedures
Complex Drive Sections
Drive Thru's and Visualizations

Preparing Drawings for MicroStation:


Plans existing, proposed, contours, etc.

3D Topo and CTR Drawings




Transferring MicroStation Data to MX v8i:

Right-of-Way Lines

MicroStation Alignments to MX


Wetland Lines

MX Conversion toolbar

Importing GPS Data Into MX
Exporting from MX to LandXML
Importing from LandXML to MX


MX to MicroStation v8 FAQ
MX in MicroStation Key-ins


Programmers File Editor (PFE)

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