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Miscellaneous CAD/D Programs

These are programs that do not need to be run as part of a MicroStation or MX session.

Superelevation Calculator The superelevation calculator program is used to compute superelevation transition points and elevation differences at a specified station interval.  A report of the results can be saved to a file or sent to a printer. 
CopyView Used to copy view definitions created by the MicroStation macro makereflev to multiple files. For MicroStation v8, NOT updated for v8i or later releases.
JDirPrinter This program will generate a report of files in the selected directory and, if desired, it's subdirectories.  It creates a file called DirPrint.txt in the directory where the program resides.  Because of this limitation you need to copy it from N:\cadd\cadd\exec\  into your project location before running it.
Programmers File Editor (PFE) This is the recommended editor for creating or editing text files such as MX input files or output files.

Running the programs

These programs can usually be run by double-clicking on the icon in Windows Explorer.  In some cases there will be a link to the executable file within the documentation so you don't have to go looking for it.  If the location of the executable isn't specified in the documentation, NHDOT operators should try looking for it in the N:\cadd\cadd\exec directory.

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