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 Web Support Division

The vision of the Web Support Division of the Department of Information Technology is to help New Hampshire citizens, business partners, students, and the general public to easily locate and use State resources in an interactive way. We work with state agencies to create a improved, unified online presence. We establish Web standards and guidelines and promote e-government in delivering goods and services in an effective, efficient and user-friendly environment.


To that end, the Web Support Division works to accomplish this in several ways:

  • Create a State of New Hampshire Government Identity Online
    Web Support Division works with state agencies in creating a better online presence to create a common identity for all state Web pages. To date, has been a collection of links to Web pages that show little in common. No sense of government unity was shown. Agency Web pages often did not link to other agencies.

    The state’s Web Site Standards and Guidelines have changed this. Now when one visits a state Web site, the site incorporates the state's banner to clearly identify them as a unit within state government. Navigation and layout standards make it easier for visitors to move within agency Web sites. In addition, the state requires all agency sites to follow 508 standards for accessibility to ensure access to persons with disabilities.

View Samples & Prototypes

  • Promote e-Government
    Make Finding Government Information Easier
    The primary reason most people visit government Web sites is to locate up-to-date, reliable information. Through NH.Gov, the state is providing a 24-hour a day access to government resources.
  • Provide More Services Online
    State agencies serve multiple customers every day. Providing more services online is a great way for an agency to efficiently and effectively meet their needs. Those customers spend less time doing business with the government and agencies can concentrate on business needs rather than business processes.

Web Support Division allows citizens and business partners to retrieve or locate information and to Web-enable current business processes that allow for Government to Citizen (G2C), Government to Business (G2B), Government to Government (G2G), or Government to Employee (G2E) interaction. Web developers work with partner agencies to create the integration layer to an agency’s existing data sources (e.g. legacy mainframe systems, MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL etc.) to make the service available as a Web-based application.

New Hampshire Department of Information Technology : 27 Hazen Drive : Concord, NH 03301
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