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 Bureau of Finance and Administration
  The vision of the Bureau of Finance and Administration is to provide information technology product and procurements and contract process consulting services support to all State agencies and support the personnel within the Department of Information Technology for all departmental activities related to administration and finance.


  • Simplified purchasing process
  • Standardized contracting process
  • Efficient and effective review process for IT purchases and contracts
  • Clearly defined IT budget and budgeting process
  • Partnerships with Administrative Services and Justice
  • Collaborative and supportive relationships with State agencies
  • Auditable office practices
  • Well-understood funding and agency billing/payment process
  • Responsive Human Resource services


  • Conform to State procurement and personnel laws
  • Conform to Department of Administrative Services purchasing and personnel rules
  • Promote the integrity of a competitive contracting process
  • Insure financial accountability
  • Commit to highest level of professional conduct
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