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 IT Security Group

The ITSG vision is to insure the security of state IT resources protecting networks, systems and data crucial and strategic to state government.



The mission of the ITSG is to work collaboratively to develop short and long-term layered security strategies, develop robust security architectures, provide proactive and innovative security services, create security policies and standards, and ingrain security awareness in the State’s IT environment.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Information Risk Management – Evaluate threats and vulnerabilities and ensure remediation.
  • Security Strategies – Develop short and long-term strategies to improve the State’s security posture.
  • Incident Response Management – Manage incident response, investigation, remediation and reporting.
  • Security Monitoring – Conduct security monitoring in support of policy enforcement and operational assurance.
  • Security Standards – Develop policies and standards to promote security in State IT systems and services including the evaluation and selection of standard products and platforms.
  • Infrastructure and Availability – Provide guidance across all platforms to ensure an appropriate balance is maintained to have the highest possible level of protection, availability, and ease of use.
  • Security Awareness – Raising awareness of IT risks, vulnerabilities, and protections requirements for current and emerging technologies.
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