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 Information Technology Council

The IT Council is authorized under RSA 21-R:6. It acts as DoIT’s "Board of Directors" and is responsible for advising the CIO on:

  • Development of statewide information technology plans, policies, and standards
  • IT system consolidation and implementation of centralized IT services
  • IT resource allocation and budgeting
  • IT service procurement and outsourcing.
bullet Next Scheduled Council Meeting

July 29, 2015, at 9:30 am at the NH National Guard, 26 Regional Drive, Concord, NH. See the proposed agenda adobe acrobat reader symbol.

IT Council meetings are open to the public.

bullet Last Scheduled Council Meeting
  August 17, 2012 (1-3 pm) at Media Room, Incident Planning and Operations Center (IPOC), 110 Smokey Bear Blvd, Concord, NH.
bullet Strategic Planning
  See the New Hampshire Information Technology Plan. An updated plan is in development.
bullet Council Membership
  The IT Council consists of the following members:
  • One public member, appointed by the Governor for a three year term who shall serve as chairperson of the council
    Lt. Col. Barry Groton, NH National Guard
    Appointed July 2015
  • Two state representatives, for the duration of his or her legislative term
    to be determined (2)
  • The Commissioner of Administrative Services, or designee
    Charles Russell, Financial Data Manager
  • The Commissioner of Education, or designee
    Heather Gage, Chief of Staff
  • The Commissioner of Department of Transportation, or designee
    Patrick McKenna, Deputy Commissioner
  • The Commissioner of Health and Human Services, or designee
    Bill Baggeroer, CIO
  • The Commissioner of Safety, or designee
    Kevin O'Brien, Assistant Commissioner
  • The Commissioner of Revenue Administration, or designee
    Roger Marchand, Project Manager
  • Two heads of other agencies
    to be determined
  • One representative of municipal government, for a 3-year term
    to be determined
  • One representative of county government, for a 3-year term
    to be determined
  • One representative of academia, for a 3-year term
    to be determined
bullet Council Meeting Minutes
  Meeting minutes will be posted to the IT Council website in draft format within 5 days of the meeting and will be officially approved at the following IT Council Meeting.
bullet Presentations

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