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 Information Technology Council

The IT Council is authorized under RSA 21-R:6. It acts as DoIT’s "Board of Directors" and is responsible for advising the CIO on:

  • Development of statewide information technology plans, policies, and standards
  • IT system consolidation and implementation of centralized IT services
  • IT resource allocation and budgeting
  • IT service procurement and outsourcing.
bullet Next Scheduled Council Meeting

Date and Location TBD

The public is invited to attend. Advanced registration is required. Please contact Pat Bernard at 603.223.5702 or to register for the meeting.

bullet Last Scheduled Council Meeting
  August 17, 2012 (1-3 pm) at Media Room, Incident Planning and Operations Center (IPOC), 110 Smokey Bear Blvd, Concord, NH.
bullet Strategic Planning
  The IT Council presented the Governor, Speaker of the House, and Senate President with the New Hampshire Information Technology Plan on October 18, 2005.
bullet Council Membership
  The IT Council consists of the following members:
  • One public member, appointed by the Governor for a three year term who shall serve as chairperson of the council
    COL David R. Routhier
  • One state senator, appointed by the senate president for the duration of his or her legislative term
    Senator James Forsythe, District 4
  • One state representative, appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives for the duration of his or her legislative term
    Representative Brian Chiriciello, Rockingham County
  • The commissioner of administrative services, or designee
    Linda Hodgdon, Commissioner
  • The commissioner of Department of Transportation, or designee
    Christopher Clement, Commissioner
  • The commissioner of health and human services, or designee
    Nicholas Toumpas, Commissioner
  • The commissioner of safety, or designee
    Earl Sweeney, Assistant Commissioner
  • The commissioner of revenue administration, or designee
    John Beardmore, Commissioner
  • Two heads of departments, appointed by the governor
  • One representative of municipal government, nominated by the NH Municipal Association and appointed by the Governor for a 3-year term
    Rebecca Landry
  • One representative of county government, nominated by the New Hampshire Association of Counties and appointed by the governor for a 3-year term
bullet Council Meeting Minutes
  Please note that per approval of the IT Council Members in the August 25th Meeting; meeting minutes will be posted to the IT Council website as draft as soon as they written and will be officially approved at the following IT Council Meeting.
bullet Presentations

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