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 Agency Support and Planning Group
  The vision of the Agency Support and Planning Group within the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) is to provide consistent, high quality information technology support and services with consideration of the resource limitations of our State agency customers within the Executive Branch that currently are not fully supported by the Department of Information Technology. Our goal is to provide customer centric service and support as agencies develop business efficiencies in their operations through the purchase and implementation of technology improvements. The Agency Support and Planning Group works to accomplish its goal through the facilitation of communication between State agencies and the various service areas within DoIT; coordination and review of project viability to ensure efforts are focused on initiatives that are defined, required, feasible, and funded; consultation services to help quantify and implement quality, timely software solutions; guidance during the DoIT budget creation process, when making information technology purchases, and when contracting with information technology vendors; oversight of the implementation of enterprise-wide technical solutions such as anti-spam; participation in State agency information technology projects as an active stakeholder; and facilitation of Statewide strategic planning initiatives for all State agencies within the Executive Branch to set an agenda for the investment in and management of the State’s information technology resources.
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