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 About Us
  The mission of the Department of Information Technology is to support the strategic business objectives of State agencies; to create and sustain a secure and reliable information technology environment; and to ensure careful and responsible management of the State’s information technology resources.

Our Divisions and Bureaus
The Department of Information Technology consists of four divisions, two bureaus, and two groups under direct administration of the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Welcome to the NH Department of Information Technology - Commissioner Denis Goulet

- Office of the Chief Information Officer
  - Bureau of Finance and Administration
  - Human Resources
  - IT Security Group
- Agency Software Division
- Operations Division
- Technical Support Services Division
- Web Support Division
The CIO shall be advised by the Information Technology Council. It shall provide strategic guidance on IT policy and operations
- IT Council
New Hampshire Department of Information Technology : 27 Hazen Drive : Concord, NH 03301
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