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Governor's Commission on Disability

NH Cooling Centers

When the temperatures soar up to near 100 degrees, people with disabilities and senior citizens may experience more difficulty than others. WMUR and the American Red Cross have provided this list of the Cooling Centers in New Hampshire. This list was for the week of July 9, so for other dates and if you don't see your community listed, please check with the facilities listed, the municipal offices, Fire Station, local Red Cross or local Visiting Nurse Association for other locations, dates and times. Additional tips available for keeping cool and staying safe in the heat on WMUR website.

  1. New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Advises People to Take Precautions During Extreme Heat
  2. Cooling Centers: To find out if there is a cooling center near you please call 211 or see the list below.
  3. Extreme Heat Resource Portal
    (includes resources for specific populations and in different languages)


NEVER leave a child, disabled person, elderly person or pet in a closed car on a hot, sunny day!
CLEAN air cinditioner filters and ducts frequently.
KEEPING windows closed and curtains, blinds or shades drawn may keep warmer temperatures out during the daytime, opening windows during cooler hours may allow cooler air in.
AVOID strenuous physical activities during the warmer hours. If you must be active during extreme heat, have someone with you or scheduled to check on you frequently.
AVOID using electrical appliances during the warmer daytime hours. They may heat up your home and power usage may cause brownout.
STAY on lower levels of buildings as much as possible during hotter weather.
VISIT friends, relatives & businesses with air conditioning if you don't have it.
CHECK on friends, relatives, neighbors who are elderly or disabled.
WEAR loose, light weight and light-colored clothing.
COVER entire body when out in the sunlight for protection from the sun.
WEAR a lightweight hat for shade of the head.
USE adequate SPF sun-protection outside.
DRINK plenty of water. AVOID sweetened, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. If you must restrict fluid intake, check with your physician about possibly chewing ice.

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