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Governor's Commission on Disability

Policy Statement for Time Limits on Accessible Parking Spaces

When there is a two-hour maximum time limit for municipal parking spaces, a two-hour maximum limit is a reasonable time limit for accessible parking spaces, provided that there are additional accessible parking spaces available within two (2) blocks of the accessible parking space. If there are no additional accessible parking spaces, a three-hour limit for the accessible parking spaces is recommended.

If the maximum time limit exceeds two hours, a time limit of equal amount is reasonable for accessible parking spaces.

If there is no time limit on municipal parking spaces, there shall be no time limit placed on accessible parking spaces.

To avoid abuse of accessible parking spaces, a time limit is recommended, but only when a time limit is placed on all parking spaces.

Approved June 20, 2006

Stopping, Standing or Parking
Section 265:74 Parking Privileges for Persons With Walking Disability

Any motor vehicle carrying the special plates or hanging windshield placard issued to a person with a walking disability under RSA 261:88, or a similar license plate displaying the international accessibility symbol, shall be allowed free parking in any city or town, including any state or municipal parking facility where a fee is charged. Each city or town shall have the discretion to set the time periods using guidelines which shall be provided by the governor's commission on disability. The free parking shall only be allowed if the person who qualifies for the special plates or hanging placard is being transported in the vehicle to or from the parking place. Parking places designated for persons with walking disabilities shall be utilized only if a person with a walking disability is being transported in the vehicle to or from the parking place. Notwithstanding the provisions of any local ordinance which has been adopted to regulate parking in places designated for persons with walking disabilities, any person who is convicted under this section shall be guilty of a violation and fined not less than $250.

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