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Laws and Rules


Administrative Rules

Recent Rule Changes

Declaratory Rulings

Doc # Issue(s) Rule or Law Effective Date
10844 Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol  "personally evaluated"   Den 101.11 June 1, 2015
10845 Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol  "actively engage in such practice"  RSA 317-A:16, 317-A:20, Den 101.01 June 1, 2015
10972 Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol "CPR and BLS-HCP Clarification" Den 301.02 (a)(15), Den 301.04 (a)(18) November 2, 2015
10992  adobe acrobat reader symbol

“Clarification of Continuing Education Units (CEU’s)”

Den 214.01, Den 301.04 (a)(17), Den 402.02 (d), Den 403.03 (d), Den 403.07 (c)

December 7, 2015
11068 adobe acrobat reader symbol "Dental assistants' qualification to take vital signs" Den 214.01, Den 302.05 (a), Den 401.02 (g) April 4, 2016
11069 adobe acrobat reader symbol "Hygienists' use of Silver Diamine Fluoride" Den 402.01 (a)(6) April 4, 2016
11140 adobe acrobat reader symbol "Dental assistants may not apply Silver Diamine" Den 401.02; Den 402.01 (a)(6) July 11, 2016
12036  adobe acrobat reader symbol "Rights of a patient to refuse treatment and the right of a dentist to decline to continue treatment of patient" RSA 317-A November 7, 2016

Capnography Requirements

Den 304.02, Permits for Use of General Anesthesia, Deep Sedation and Moderate Sedation

Beginning in 2014, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Office Anesthesia Evaluations require capnography for moderate sedation, deep sedation and general anesthesia. See Den 304.02(b)(3)b.

Code of Ethics

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