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Docket # Name
09-091 Pacific Reverse Mortgage Inc (d/b/a Financial Heritage), Edward J. Nelson, and John F. Myers
Consent Order 10/21/10
Order to Show Cause 02/03/10
08-206 Pacific Union Financial, LLC, and Evan Stone
Motion to Dismiss 02/05/09
Order to Show Cause 01/02/09
10-002 PAL Financial Corp, and Thomas Iarrobino
Consent Order 03/26/10
07-226 Patriot Financial USA, Inc (d/b/a PFU), Michael A. Foote, and Zach C. Southall
Default Judgment 10/13/09
Acceptance of Service 07/09/09
Order to Show Cause 06/17/09
09-216 (d/b/a for TC Services Corp.)
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 04/12/11
06-022 Payday City
Acceptance of Service 09/09/09
Default Judgment 07/31/09
Cease & Desist Order 05/24/06
10-143 Payday Services (d/b/a for FFD Resources III, LLC), DFD Ventures LP, and First Fidelity of Delaware Inc.
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 04/21/11
09-230 Payday Yes (d/b/a FFD Resources IV, LLC), DFD Ventures LP and First Fidelity of Delaware Inc.
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 08/31/11
10-470 Payday-loan-yes (d/b/a and a/k/a Fastcash Advance, a/k/a CashNet, a/k/a CashNet500, a/k/a First National Services, a/k/a Global Payday Loan, LLC, a/k/a United Cash Loans, and a/k/a AmeriLoan)
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 08/16/11
07-319 (d/b/a and a/k/a, a/k/a Credit Payment Services, Inc.), and Carey V. Brown
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 09/16/11
10-173 PDL Assistance, Inc.
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 04/11/11
10-010 Pemper Companies (d/b/a CuraDebt Consumer and Commercial Debt Settlement, d/b/a CuraDebt, Inc. and d/b/a
Consent Order 09/21/11
10-183 People's Choice Mortgage Inc. d/b/a TPC Mortgage, and David M. Fasano
Order to Show Cause 12/23/10
11-142 People's Choice Mortgage Inc. d/b/a TPC Mortgage, and David M. Fasano
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 06/01/11
07-128 Pine Tree Mortgage, Inc.
Default Judgment 11/27/07
Acceptance of Service 10/04/07
Order to Show Cause 09/17/07
08-131 Pinnacle Financial Corporation (d/b/a Tristar Lending Group and d/b/a Netstar Funding), Jeffrey Joseph Vratanina, Lisa Marie Vratanina, Douglas Fritzgerald Long, Brenda Kaye Long, and James M. Girad
Default Judgment 11/03/09
Order to Show Cause 12/31/08
12-297 PNB Remittance Centers, Inc.
Consent Order 12/3/12
12-025 PNL SV, LLC (holder of loan to be serviced by PNL Newco II, LLC)
Consent Order 09/13/12
08-366 Post Road Funding Inc, Ward W. Weizel, and Paul T. Hatidani
Default Judgment 07/31/09
Addendum to Order 01/27/09
Adjudicative Decision 11/25/08
Notice of Rescheduled Hearing 10/13/08
Notice of Rescheduled Hearing 10/08/08
Objection to Motion to Continue by Respondent Ward W. Weizel Only 10/06/08
Objection to Motion to Continue by Respondents Post Road Funding Inc and Paul T. Hatidani Only 10/06/08
Motion to Continue 09/04/08
Notice of Hearing 08/22/08
Order to Show Cause with Immediate Suspension and Cease and Desist Order 08/22/08
10-234 Powder House Mortgage Company, Inc., Alan Jay Nissenbaum, JeremyDavid Nissenbaum, and Michael J. DeKoster
Consent Order 12/22/11
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 09/13/11
07-077 Precash, Inc.
Consent Agreement 05/09/07
Order to Show Cause 04/02/07
10-164 Preferred Financial Services Corporation (d/b/a Preferred Financial Services of Massachusetts)
Consent Order 02/24/12
09-047 Premier Mortgage Capital, Inc (d/b/a Premier Mortgage Capital of Virginia), Stephen Bennett, and Alexander Fink
Default Judgment 07/28/09
Order to Show Cause 05/06/09
08-395 Presidential Mortgage Corp, Jarod D. DiSanto, and Kenneth S. Marsella Irrevocable Trust
Default Judgment 07/07/09
Order to Show Cause 01/13/09
08-308 Prestige Capital Mortgage Corporation, and Christopher S. Conti
Default Judgment 05/12/09
Acceptance of Service 03/03/09
Order to Show Cause 01/16/09
09-004 Prime Mortgage Financial Inc (d/b/a Prime Lending Company, and d/b/a Partnersfirst Mortgage), and Aris Pappas
Default Judgment 11/05/09
Order to Show Cause 01/23/09
07-131 Prime One Mortgage Inc.
Consent Order 10/30/07
Order to Show Cause 08/14/07
09-066 Priority Lending Group, Inc. (d/b/a Chamberland Financial Group), and Russell Chamberland
Motion to Dismiss 06/23/11
Order to Show Cause 04/30/10
11-172 Priority Processing Services, Inc., and Pauline Patenaude
Consent Order 11/18/11
11-084 Procorp Debt Solutions, LLC, Kevin Garbowit, Peter Brooke, Thomas McDonald and Reliable Response Marketing, LLC,
Consent Order 12/13/11
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 08/10/11
07-046 Professional Mortgage Corporation of America
Default Judgment 07/22/10
Acceptance of Service 05/12/09
Order to Show Cause 01/30/09
Consent Order 07/16/07
Decision of Motion to Strike Default 05/25/07
Order of Default Judgment 04/13/07
Order to Show Cause 03/01/07
08-343 Professional Mortgage Corporation of America, and Stuart R. MacDonald
Default Judgment 05/12/09
Acceptance of Service 03/10/09
Order to Show Cause 01/30/09
09-129 Proficio Mortgage Ventures, LLC, Alan H. Verch, Patricia A. Freeman, Proficio Bank, NHB Holdings, Andrew Verhovec, Sr., Donald Wayne LaPlume, Brian David Battersby, Stephen Craig Whitney, and Steven Lee Hurd
Consent Order 10/25/10
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist Order 03/30/10
10-229 Progressive Debt Relief (a/k/a Omega Financial Solutions and North America Marketing, Inc.)
Order to Cease and Desist and Show Cause 04/11/11
10-181 Prospect Mortgage, LLC, Prospect Holding Company LLC, Prospect Management Services Corp (f/k/a Metrocities Services Corp.), Sterling Capital Partners II, LP, Sterling Capital Partners III, LP, Sterling PMC, Inc., Mark A. Filler, Ronald Lee Bergum, Keyan Tramane Scott, Carrie L. Strube, Christina Marie Longo, Derek Joseph "Dutch" Maranhas, Frederick Chapple Allard III, Jeffrey Heidtmann, John Bannister, John L. Cabral, John E. Priest, Kevin Joseph Cuozzo, Sadiki Pierre, Judy A. Weisman, Kevin Robert Clark, Kevin Paul Wentzell, Joseph Scott Gannon, Todd Zukowski, Joe Adamaitis, Robert P. Ward, and David Scott Bolton
Motion to Dismiss Sterling Capital Partners II, LP and Sterling Capital Partners III, LP 07/30/12
Explanatory Note As To Robert P. Ward 07/30/12
Consent Order 07/24/12
Motion to Vacate Ab Initio 07/12/12
Motion to Vacate Ab Initio 06/25/12
Motion to Dismiss Only as to Respondent Carrie L. Strube 10/07/11
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 07/25/11

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