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Docket # Name
08-199 Labrie Auto Sales Inc, and Michael S. Coyne
Motion to Dismiss 01/22/10
Order to Show Cause 01/15/09
14-058 Lancaster Auto Sales LLC, and Daniel C. Fournier
Order for Default Judgment 09/29/14
Order to Show Cause for License Suspension of Respondent Lancaster Auto Sales LLC's New Hampshire Retail Seller License 08/01/14
10-075 Lancaster Auto Sales, LLC
Consent Order 01/04/11
07-117 Lancaster Mortgage Bankers LLC
Default Judgment 01/25/08
Order to Show Cause 08/14/07
12-279 Larry Monroe (d/b/a TMT Auto Sales and Services)
Consent Order 06/21/13
07-189 Laser Financial Group LLC and Stephen Currington
Consent Order 09/21/07
Cease and Desist Order 07/30/07
10-094 Law Office of Robert V. Rosenwasser, PA
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist Order 02/22/11
07-006 Lead Association Corp. d/b/a Neighborhood Loan
Order for Default Judgment 10/20/08
Cease and Desist Order 05/17/07
08-026 LeadPoint, Inc. d/b/a Secure Rights and d/b/a Amerivalue, Redpoint Ventures II, LP, Breakwater Ventures, Inc., Estalea LP, Marc Louis Diana, and Per Pettersen
Order to Close Docket 01/06/12
Order to Dismiss 01/04/12
Consent Order 12/30/11
Order on Motion to Waive Hearing 12/2/11
Notice of Hearing 11/16/11
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 05/04/11
13-076 LLC (d/b/a and d/b/a
Consent Order 07/12/13
10-211 Legal Eagle Financial, Inc. (a/k/a Wall Street Mortgage Group, d/b/a Legal Eagle Financial, and d/b/a Legal Eagle Services), and Alton Harding
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 07/07/11

Legal Home Loan Solutions (a/k/a Thomas C. Matevia, P.A., a/k/a Matevia Law Group, P.A., a/k/a Matevia Legal, P.A., and a/k/a Matevia Law The Law Offices of Thomas C. Matevia, P.A. [d/b/a]), Thomas C. Matevia, Esquire, and Jeffrey A. Smith
Consent Order 05/21/12
Motion to Dismiss 04/24/12
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 11/14/11

12-414 Lender411, LLC (d/b/a
Consent Order 07/01/13
09-029 Lendia, LLC, Gregory G. O'Connor, and Garry F. Bates
Motion to Dismiss 08/24/09
Order to Show Cause 06/17/09
16-013 Lending Club Corporation
Consent Order 04/01/16
10-329 Lenox Financial Mortgage LLC, Brian S. Shibley, and Jon M. Shibley
Cease and Desist Order 11/22/10
10-492 Lenox Financial Mortgage LLC, Brian S. Shibley, and Jon M. Shibley
Cease and Desist Order 11/22/10
09-038 Lentegra Mortgage Group, LLC (d/b/a Lentegra Mortgage), Lentegra Corporation, William S. Lane, and Joseph D. Germano
Motion to Dismiss 02/10/10
Order to Show Cause 06/26/09
12-314 Lewis Motor Sales LLC
Consent Order 01/31/13
09-132 LHF Inc (d/b/a Pelham Auto Finance) and James Kemos
Order on Motion to Close Docket 02/17/12
Consent Order 02/10/12
Order on Hearing 01/12/12
Order Re: Respondents' faxed letter dated October 17, 2011 10/20/11
Delegation 10/10/11
Notice of Hearing 10/07/11
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 12/30/09
08-114 Liberty Financial Mortgage Corporation (d/b/a LF Mortgage of Massachusetts), and Michael Upton
Default Judgment 06/17/10
Order to Show Cause 03/11/10
08-377 Lifetime Home Loans, Inc., Daniel Steven Flamand, and Robert Leonard McKee
Order for Default Judgment 01/28/09
Notice of Hearing 09/11/08
Order to Show Cause with Immediate Suspension and Cease and Desist Order 09/11/08
07-153 Lighthouse Funding, LLC (d/b/a LH Funding), and Mariya Zaurova
Default Judgment 06/17/10
Acceptance of Service 04/06/10
Order to Show Cause 03/11/10
08-103 Lighthouse Lending Group, Inc., and Nicholas C. Rauseo
Default Judgment 09/25/09
Acceptance of Service 08/25/09
Order to Show Cause 07/08/09
06-118 Lighthouse Mortgage Company Ltd.
Default Judgment 01/08/07
Order to Show Cause 11/17/06
07-052 Lighthouse Mortgage Service Co, Inc.
Default Judgment 04/02/08
Order to Show Cause 04/25/07
07-267 Lighthouse Mortgage Service Co Inc. and Andrew Horowitz
Default Judgment 05/28/08
Order to Show Cause 11/27/07
08-118 LightStar Mortgage LLC, and Basilo Colon
Default Judgment 05/12/09
Acceptance of Service 03/03/09
Order to Show Cause 01/13/09
07-166 Lightning Financial LLC
Consent Order 10/12/07
Order to Show Cause 07/10/07
08-364 Lightning Financial, LLC (d/b/a Lightning Financial), Stephen K. Brunelle, and Ellen Brunelle
Consent Order 10/27/08
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist Order 08/28/08
09-192 Little Loan Shoppe America, LLC d/b/a and Doris Nelson
Order to Cease and Desist and Show Cause 04/08/11
10-076 Littleton Imports LLC
Consent Order 01/19/11
10-106 LoanMediate
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 04/11/11
10-202 Loan Modification Network Inc. (a/k/a, Frank Anthony Luceri III, Esq. (a/k/a Frank A. Luceri P.A.), and Anthony Fareri
Motion to Dismiss Only as to Respondent Frank Anthony Luceri, III, Esq. (a/k/a Frank A. Luceri P.A.) 12/01/11
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 02/22/11
10-078 Loan Shop Online; and all Officers, Directors, Employees and Agents
Order to Cease & Desist and Order to Show Cause 11/04/10
10-277 Loan Workout Group, L.L.C., and Thomas Girard
Consent Order 01/07/15
07-219 Loancity, Inc., Banc of America Strategic Investments Corporation, Richard D. Soukoulis, Nicholas Labao, William Dallas, Gary Tsuyuki, Rodger Rickard, and Mark MacLennan
Amended Motion to Dismiss Penalties and Strike Default Judgment 12/03/09
Motion to Dismiss Penalties and Strike Default Judgment 11/30/09
Default Judgment 05/12/09
Acceptance of Service 03/03/09
Order to Show Cause 01/15/09
08-063 Loans for Residential Homes Mortgage Corp, and Karim Menebhi
Default Judgment 09/29/09
Acceptance of Service 06/19/09
Order to Show Cause 06/08/09
08-069 London Star Financial Network Inc, and William A. Wallace, III
Default Judgment 07/07/09
Order to Show Cause 02/05/09
09-028 Low Rate Mortgage L.L.C., and Eric Meyer
Motion to Dismiss 02/19/10
Order to Show Cause 06/11/09
07-155, Inc.,, Inc., Fred W. Hsu, Sam Aidun, and Lawrence C. Ng
Motion to Dismiss Remaining Penalties and Strike Default Judgment 12/04/09
Default Judgment 11/03/09
Order to Show Cause 12/31/08
07-156 Lyons Enterprises Inc.
Default Judgment 03/25/08
Order to Show Cause 11/16/07

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