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Consumer Information
The Office recognizes the difficulty that a consumer has when choosing a health care professional. It is important that the consumer consult a variety of sources for information when making this important decision.

Licensure information only provides a starting point. Friends, neighbors and co-workers can also provide useful references. Most importantly, every consumer should feel free to consult with their physician before making a final choice. If you are not satisfied, choose again … it’s your health and your choice.

For disciplinary actions specific to a particular Board, visit that Boards Web site.

Verification of a currently held or previously held license within the professions licensed by the Office of Allied Health Professionals is available by calling 603- 271-8389, by visiting NH Online Licensing, or by clicking on elicensing to the left of this text. There is no cost associated with a phone verification or for visiting NH Online licensing.

Recognizing Professional Misconduct

How To File a Complaint …

If you need help in filing a complaint, contact the Board’s office. By law, all complaints must be received in writing. If you decide to file a complaint, you will need to provide the following information:

The Governing Boards are bound by state law which requires complaints and investigations be kept confidential. However, in most cases, your complaint will be shared with the health care provider which the complaint is about. You may file an anonymous complaint but, depending on the allegations this may seriously hinder the Boards ability to investigate. If you have any concerns over the complaint process or the fact that the complaint deals with your medical records, please contact the office.

See "Frequently Asked Questions" for more information.

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