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Rule Changes
The following are the latest administrative rule changes made by the Recreational Therapy Governing Board. Date of Adoption is March 18, 2014. To obtain a complete copy of the administrative rules go to Rules and Laws on this website.

Rec 302.02 Multipart Application Form

Rec 302.04 Required Documents

Rec 302.05 Letters of Reference - Repealed

Rec 303.01 Eligibility Requirements

Rec 402.01 Procedure for Licensees Who Do Not Wish To Renew Their Licenses

Rec 402.04 Licensure Renewal Application Form

Rec 402.09 Non-Completion of Maintenance of Continuing Competence Reported on the Renewal Form

Rec 402.10 Audit Procedure

Rec 403.03 Reinstatement of LIcenses Lapsed No Longer Than One Year

Rec 403.04 Reinstatement of LIcenses Lapsed For Longer Than One Year

Rec 403.06 Supporting Materials

Rec 403.07 Letters of Reference - Repealed

Rec 405.01 Maintenance of Continuing Competence

Rec 407.01 Administrative Obligations of Licensees

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