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This page is provided so that licensees may be kept up to date on the most recent information from the Office of Licensed Allied Health Professionals and so that the general public will be informed on what the profession of Recreational Therapy is doing in this State of New Hampshire.


Recreational Therapy licenses expire December 31, 2016. Renewal Packets will be mailed no later than November 1, 2016.

If a complete renewal application is not hand delivered or postmarked by December 1st of the renewal year you will be assessed a late fee.

Continuing Education Needed to Renew a License:

Rec 405.01(b) states that "At least 20 hours of the required hours shall be taken in professional courses or professional activities having as their subject one or more of the 4 NCTRC knowledge areas. Complete version of the NCTRC Professional Knowledge Domains are available online at

STATE MAIL IS NOT FORWARDED. To receive the packet we must have your current home mailing address on file.

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