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New Hampshire Recreation Therapy Governing Board


Due to a shortage of staff at the Office of Licensed Allied Health Professionals we are behind in the processing of renewal applications for Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, and Recreational Therapists.  If an individual has provided the renewal application either electronically or by paper an individual can continue to practice until they receive their new updated license.  Thank you for your patience while we process renewals.

The Board of Recreational Therapy licensed the first recreational therapists on January 1, 2008. This site has been developed to provide important information to licensees, applicants for licensure, and the general public.

The Board invites you to contact the office with your comments, suggestions, or further information on specific questions.

Board Members

The Board of Recreational Therapists consists of 5 members who serve a 3 year term. A Board member is only allowed to serve 2 consecutive 3 year terms. By New Hampshire Statute RSA 328-F:4 the Board must be comprised of the following 5 members:

3 licensed recreational therapists, who have actively engaged in the practice of recreational therapy in this state for at least 3 years and 2 public members.

Available Seats on the Board

The Board is currently looking for 2 Public Members. The term is for 3 years. If you are interested contact Jennifer Kuzma in the Governors Office at 603-271-2121. For information regarding how the Board functions contact Tina Kelley at 603-271-8389.

Initial Licensure or Reinstatement of Licensure

To apply for an initial New Hampshire license or to reinstate a New Hampshire license, go to "Forms and Documents" and use our electronic submission feature to request an application packet or contact the Office of Licensed Allied Health Professionals at 603-271-8389 and request an application packet.

License Cycle

All Recreational Therapists licenses expire on December 31 in every even-numbered years per New Hampshire Statute RSA 328-F:19. Depending on when your application is approved, a license may be valid for a few months of the two-year cycle. Initial license fees are not pro-rated. Renewal notices are sent out from the office no later than October 15th of the renewal year.

Recently Moved?

Whether moving around New Hampshire or relocating to another state, every licensee is obligated to notify this office of any changes. Allied Health law RSA 328-F:21 states.... "Licensees shall maintain their current business and home address on file with their governing boards. Any changes in address shall be provided to the office no later than 30 days from the date of the change." Keeping your file information current is your responsibility.

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