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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding recreational therapy and recreational therapy licensure.

  • What are the credential I can list after my name once I am licensed?
    Your license lists RT (Recreational Therapist) as the credential after your name. This is because the law says the Office of Licensed Allied Health Professionals licenses Recreational Therapists.

    RSA 326-J:3, II states: "Licensed recreational therapists may use the letters ""TR"", ""TRS"" and ""CTRS/L"" in connection with their name or place of business."

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  • Do I need my NCTRC certification to renew my license?
    Yes. Rec 402.06 Required Documents "An applicant for licensure renewal shall include in his or her application packet (c) states: "A photocopy of the applicant's currently valid NCTRC certificate or wallet card."
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  • How many CEU's do I need to renew my license?
    30 hours earned within the biennium.
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