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This page is provided so that licensees may be kept up to date on the most recent information from the Office of LIcensed Allied Health Professionals and so that the general public will be informed on what the profession of Physical Therapy is doing in the State of New Hampshire.


The State of New Hampshire, through the Physical Therapy Governing Board, can regulate its licensees and its licensees' performance of spinal manipulation to protect the public health, safety and welfare in accordance with the purpose of RSA Title 30. To conclude, spinal manipulation performed by a New Hampshire license physical therapist does not constitute unlicensed chiropractic practice.


The Calculation of Scores Pre - 1996:

The Board calculates scores pre 1996 using the 1.5 standard deviation. Any individual who requests licensure using scores on National Examination obtained before 1996 must pass that exam by New Hampshire standards.

Criminal Offender Record Report:

The criminal offender record report requirement includes all States where a student has completed all or part of their clinical experience.

Reside - The long standing policy and interpretation of each of the Governing Board's for the rules that requires an applicant to obtain a criminal offender record report is any place a person has been located in while working, in or out of their profession, including but not limited to clinical experiences, attending school, or any other activity not considered a vacation.


The Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant licenses will expire December 31, 2016. Renewal packets will be mailed no later than November 1, 2016.


Phy 401.01 defines active in the profession as follows:

"Active in the profession" means having engaged in physical therapy:

(a) As:

(1) A direct care-giver;
(2) A physical therapy educator;
(3) A physical therapy administrator;
(4) A physical therapy consultant;
(4) A student enrolled full time in an advanced physical therapy degree program; or
(5) A physical therapy researcher; and

(b) At the rate of 100 hours during each 12-month period for 2 consecutive 12-month periods.

Phy 402.09 Full Renewal of Licensure states:

(a) The board shall issue full renewed licenses to applicants who:

(1) Fall into one of the following 3 categories:

(a) Applying for licensure renewal for the first time;
(b) Applying for licensure renewal no more than 4 years after issuance of the initial license; or
(c) Applying for licensure renewal on any date more than 4 years after issuance of the initial license if the applicants have been active in the profession as defined in Phy 401.01 for the 4 years just preceding their applications; and …

If a complete renewal application is not hand delivered or postmarked by December 1st of the renewal year you will be assessed a late fee.

STATE MAIL IS NOT FORWARDED. To receive the packet, we must have your current home mailing address.

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