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Rule Changes
The following are the latest administrative rule changes made by the Occupational Therapy Governing Board. To obtain a complete copy of the administrative rules go to Rules and Laws on this website.

The following rule changes were adopted by the Occupational Therapy Governing Board on March 24, 2014. The following shows the annotated version of the changes so that the viewer can see deletions and additions. Deletions are shown in brackets and the text has been struck through. Additions are bolded and underlined. These changes could affect you as a licensee.

Occ 302.02 Multipart Application Form

Occ 302.04 Required Documents

Occ 304.03 Full Licensure of Conditional Licensees

Occ 304.05 Eligibility Requirements for Supervisors

Occ 402.01 Procedure for Licensees Who Do Not Wish to Renew Their Licenses

Occ 402.02 License Renewal Procedure

Occ 402.04 Licensure Renewal Application Form

Occ 402.09 Non-Completion of Maintenance of Continuing Competence Reported on the Renewal Form

Occ 402.10 Audit Procedure

Occ 403.04 Delayed Reinstatement of Lapsed Licenses for Those Who Have Been Active in the Profession in Another State

Occ 403.05 Conditional Reinstatement of Licensure for Those Who Have Not Been Active in the Profession and Seek Reinstatement of Lapsed Licenses Up to Six Years Later

Occ 403.06 Reinstatement of LIcensure of Occupational Therapists Who Have Not Been Active in the Profession and Seek Reinstatement of LIcenses Lapsed More Than Six Years Ago

Occ 404.04 Eligibility Requirements for Supervisors


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