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Physical Agent Modalities
As of September 30, 2005, the grandfather clause that allowed New Hampshire licensed OT’s and OTA’s to continue to practice occupational therapy using Physical Agent Modalities (PAMs) expired.

Beginning OCTOBER 1, 2005, every OT/OTA will need to have Board Certificate in possession to continue to practice using PAMs. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

Failure to obtain Governing Board Certification by September 30, 2005 will result in the OT/OTA having to discontinue to use PAM’s as part of their occupational therapy practice. Any OT/OTA who continues to use PAMs in their practice without Governing Board Certification will be in violation of the New Hampshire Occupational Therapy Practice Act Chapter 326-C:8 and subject to disciplinary action.

General Instructions: it will be helpful to download the specific Administrative Rule Occ 305 Physical Agent Modalities (PAMs) and refer to those when applying for and using Physical Agent Modalities.

Every OT/OTA will need to apply for Board certification in PAMs to continue to use PAMs in the course of practice with clients or patients. This includes individuals who have been using PAMs under the grandfather clause that was effective on July 1, 2003.

Education see 305.05for Required Professional Education.

A total of 21 hours is required. You will need to document 6 hours of duration for ultrasound modalities and 15 hours relating to electrical stimulation modalities.

Documentation of Courses for the mandatory 21 hours of PAM's education:

When turning in the listing of courses you must also provide the number of hours of each portion of instruction or clinical application. Place the breakdown of hours near each course listing.

FEES. None.

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