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Frequently Asked Questions – Physical Agent Modalities

  • Is PAM Governing Board certification required for Superficial and Deep Thermal Agents?
    No. Superficial modalities include application of hot packs, whirlpool, contrast baths, cold packs, ice, fluidotherapy, and paraffin treatments.
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  • Does a person who holds a current certification as a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) need to apply for a waiver of the education component for PAM board certification?
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  • What is the process to apply for a waiver for the educational component?
    The applicant must provide direct source verification of their current CHT to be approved for a waiver. A CHT is still obligated to complete the supervision of clinical applications (SCA) for board certification.
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  • What do you do if your CHT is not current?
    Without valid current certification, the applicant would not be a CHT and would need to submit verification of PAM education.
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  • How will I report the hours of education?
    When completed, the application form that will provide the board with PAM educational information. An applicant will need to provide a breakdown of content and time, both of which must be validated. When multiple topics are covered in a course, specific time allotments will need to be identified, specifically for the physical agent modalities covered in the PAM Certification.
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  • What if I have been practicing PAM for several years and taken courses years ago?
    It is the Governing Board’s position that each individual will need to validate any courses taken regardless of when they were taken. The validation should reflect a timeline for each segment of modality instruction. If training in specific modalities was done as an in-service those records should be available to participants.
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  • If practicing PAM for years prior to July 1, 2003, how should the clinical supervision be documented?
    The application form is in two-parts, A and B. Section B is to be completed by the supervisor and forwarded with the Report of Required Professional Education in Physical Agent Modalities. The hours of clinical supervision should be clear and matched to the specific requirements.
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  • Can a NH licensed PTA have a role in education and/or supervision of PAM?

A New Hampshirelicensed PTA can provide the educational component only. A PTA cannot do the supervised clinical application.

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  • Are there any exemptions for waiver of the Supervised Clinical Application (SCA)?
    All OT’s including CHTs will need to have SCA. The only individuals who could apply for an SCA waiver are OT/OTA’s who also have current New Hampshire PT/PTA licenses.
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  • What if I hold dual OT or OTA and PT or PTA licensure?
    If practicing as a PT or PTA, that licensee is authorized to use PAMs under that license. However, and OT or OTA you need to apply for PAM certification to practice as an OT or OTA. If you hold dual licensure there are provisions to apply for waivers see above.
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  • Can one still apply for PAM board certification after September 30, 2005?
    Yes. Anyone applying for an initial New Hampshire license or already licensed as an OT or OTA can choose to apply at anytime. The same educational and supervised clinical applications will need to be documented. HOWEVER, only OTs/OTAs with pam s certification will be able to continuing using PAMs as part of their practice after September 30, 2005.
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  • What if I have more than one supervisor for the Supervised Clinical Applications (SCA)?
    All supervisors should sign the bottom of the form and each should initial the appropriate supervised activity.
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