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Administrative Information
The Office of Allied Health Professionals is comprised of seven Governing Boards who license seven professions. The seven professions are joined for administrative purposes and licensees are obligated to the laws and administrative rules of both the Office of Licensed Allied Health Professional and the respective profession.

License Cycle

Depending on when your application is approved, a license may be valid for a few months of the two-year cycle. Initial license fees are not pro-rated.

Renewal notices are sent out from the office no later than October 15 of the renewal year. Continuing education requirements are dependent on initial and ongoing timelines of licenses.

Recently Moved?

Whether moving around New Hampshire or relocating to another state, every licensee is obligated to notify this office of any changes. Allied Health law RSA 328-F:21 states … "Licensees shall maintain their current business and home address on file with their governing boards. Any changes in address shall be provided to the office no later than 30 days from the date of the change." Keeping your file information current is your responsibility.

License Verification Letters

Planning to apply for license in another state? To have your New Hampshire license verified with another jurisdiction, please make this request in writing to this office and provide your name, license number and profession, as well as information necessary to forward the verification. You must also enclose a check in the amount of $25.00, made payable to "Treasurer, State of NH".

Replacing a Wallet Card or License

The cost to replace your wallet (I.D.) card is $5. Replacement cost for the license (wall certificate) is $35. Please forward your written request for replacement to this office along with a check made payable to "Treasurer, State of NH".

Application Approval

It is recommended you allow 6-12 weeks to complete your file. The receipt of third-party documents such as transcripts, letters of verification, letters of reference, national examination results, could delay your file going for approval.


There is no reciprocity in New Hampshire.

Governing Boards meet once a month. Licenses are a priority and are usually issued within 7 days of the Board meeting.

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